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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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> govening there wille uick boun bounceback from the blizzard of 2016. its punch s too much sn measud eet wngton to n yopalyzi enre citie cutting ofnehborhoods, so left flooded and ounding oundof igs, aurg s imct woue lt onde storm-lated dehs have noweach at leas40. thfinaial imct at85ion. so my le and so many things afcted, but threcove, it uneven, is under y, ae have fu covage starting with nbc miguel gun shington, d.c. miguel, go evening. >> repter: lester, go evening. this may be the la largest snow-dng center on the entire st coast. mu othsn from thwashington, c. area is broughup fooiu ers ive. en ouof tha r s haow all t way arhis parkint, and t cleanup,hat's fa
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it packed a punch cripplhe regn. ght llions ill bu under snow and ice. >> t roads a completelympassable. this is solutely terrib. >> we'll stuck. >> reportelows have been abd, and many roads uche >> i've done the pt i usuallha ar supposed to do isn't do. >> reporter: in waington, d.c., th vernment shut down again. schools and business are closed. for first reders state of emergency. >> trying to pull some of this out. >> reporr: some stuck in the snow. in round hill, virgia, atv will only take you so f. we reached this mmuny by foot. is ithe ly w innd out, huh? no plows on thes streets for da. >> we're still trapd, you know. >> repter: neighrs have sled th y each other, but they have no way out. for cotn krause the road was her life line. her 3-ar-old son bradyen has heart ds serious
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seconds, andere we don't have that. ey can't get to us. >> reporter: the historic swfall was expeedsome cities theig amo a huge surprise. records in maryland, pennsylvania and new york. with allhe snow came enty oproblems. ofs down on bunessesbarns an hos. todain queens, the roads ara mess, bu classes wentn. hool buses sppg and idg asuch frustration heres theris snow. >>y daughter has to go to ho. she has after school. wean't eveget roug>>epter: tight ross t et is is the big dig, t as tempates pmm theyre worried rrow will the big ze. guel aaguer,bc news, washgton. >> rter: ts is cob rasconlong the jerseyhore. a direct hit along the southern c our operations toda reay
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that calling in for property checks, l get a lot of calls for s aks or electrical fir and in like that. >> reporter: it was the worst flooding the town of west wildwood has er see hundreds of s surred. do h tberescue mawier storcainrerd high tides. west wildwood suddenly a virtuaisland. the water mostly ne, but so is the sea wall that protected e town. now a mangled mess. town officia call e damage here catastroic, d anotr storm on the way they have to rebuild fast. >> for us this is worsthan san. had- wead we think x to eig inches hhethis storm than we did sandy. eporter: this ing vernor chris christie responded t critics who qution why wasack the mpaignra in new hampshire. >>res no siame. ere isredual flooding damage. all e flooding receded yesterday morng. >>bvusly this isn't a minor
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this. >> jusa mess. i don't know w is going clean it all up. we't. >> reporter: debris ywhereou look. boats hundreds of et from theirocks. and wi the ssibility of another storm a scramble to prepare yeagain. the mayor estimates that the overall damage here to bin the ions of dollars. whether it's home repairs, reming debr debris like thisr critical sea wal h will hpen as soonthe wnan find theoneyo do . ster? allht, cob. thanks. d then tres the av nigmare from this masve blizzard still t ov we canlled. that's iaddion to e hugeacog of departures and arrivalscrubd over thween our tom costello has ren the huge struggle at aiorts toet back on schedule.>> reporter: at the major stoast hub aiorts from
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of the big digout. at rgan national airport, enough snow to fill a football field dumped into a massive w snow me. while the runways were clearing, the parking ts take a lot long. and wiout paing spots, passengers and employees can't get inside. >> so these guys are pushing and uling snowrom sunuto suown. goi he. >> reporter: after days of emy ga finalltoday e runways anramps were reopg. americanlone broht in 4anes by noon toump st operations. mari maria basha spen st nign the oor . >> ias luc that s like sleepg on the heatero i wa't cold >> repter: nationwia staggering 13,000 flhtncd sincfray morning ight rad 2pt wton' rmallyctive rspacey empty
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an afk n york de managers say it's their biggest recoveryffort since hurricane sandy e 12. the chlenge now, ing all of the planes andrews back into position nationwide and then reassembling a flight scheduo get passgers whehey ne to . we' operating a llchule toy, but foairline it will ta le dao recover. >> repor not just air travel. >> waiting for a ain. hopefuy our train llot be cancelled. >> reporte amtrak on reced service to thought neased opatns durin storm red 0 miles of track night fr rai roado runway, slow reboonhe east as flight aware predting we'll see prty close to normal ations tomorrow. on wnesday right now very few cancellions in aance, and this y have hpened at an opportune time becausly this is one of the lower periods of travel acrossheountry this tof year. ve few people are on hoday or vacations, and that makes it a bit easi to me normal operatis. ster? >> all right. toello, thanks politics now. one week until iowa, a
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sides. hiary clinton bernie sanders locked in a neck and neck battle as ted cruz tries to fend off donald trump's momentum. each focused on th numbs that count, and 've got ll cored tingh nbc's haieks ow , ll >> reporter:d eninester. puican party leadhereiowa ll news re gettinready for record turno one from night, thing thou help donald trump, but s as ur ine sayi th wl wa unt e mine to maketheir nds ouwhto support, what hns over th sev days? thesclosg arguments will make a fference. frhe back of the a chaiwhere she works, angie p watches ndates swing by for sce ana speech. >> with n kids at home i meland secy as reall big iue. i want toeep kids safe. >> reporte topwo. who are the top two? >> in between trump and ted cruz.
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cently she decided on trump and apparently she's not ale as he urg1 points, ted cr slipping 4. what's changed >> i lted cruz. 's been very nice to me. >> rorter: tmp's tune. >> he's a nasty guy and he broug iup he debate. it d i he startt, finied it. >> reporter: hammeng cruz for days on his eligibility, his positions on ethanol and immigration, his personaly. trum supremely nfident and taki aim. >> i could stand in the middle ofih avenue and shoot somebodyand i woul lose any vote, ok? it's like inible. >> rte cruz hittg back. you've spent, sevenths hng dona trump, embrachi so how people supsed to belie you now when u y he shouldn't tirick? >> i'mappy to have a convsation about h dold's and my records ffer when it comes to defendi life. >> rorter:rutoy geg ba frormer ril rick pe ters hope to swayows with new ads. >> doethisound conservative? >> i am pro-choicen every respect. at ofhe field juryto noni sr t of t mey that it appears that thejust have no sh at e
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>> rorter:nclung marcbiloto get hot la, getting the d from t state's biggest paper anstdie sideith frhm senator jod ernst. >>here's onlseve yseft so i d't thinpele shod be worrd abpeaking now. >> reporter: under 170 hours d unting. rep >> reporte i'm andrea mitell with thdemocratmake their clg arguments. >> he said, you know i don'know. key head versus my heart. sa you can have it both. >> reporte eh trying to nnect to voters. >> and it's so hard to do anything to pay your bills. ashamed all the time. it's just hard. >> thankou, thk u. anuntil millions of people who are expeenci exaly what you guys are experiencing do say , we don't make change. >> rorter: both candidates are coting ofield mies, paid sff a thousands of voluntee.
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caucus rules are more colicated than for repuicans. candat have to et minim threshold of suorrsn each to even get votes. clinton posted an animed how-to manual day. >> and is as easy 1,, orter: s am produced video friday. >> ifoue going to 8 by ection day andou're in iowa, yocan caucus. >>eporr: m shhehage for sanders. his supporters are concentrated ithree counties with college towns, buto win he needs fitime voters to show up all over the state. so he's riding a b to geto far- rural areas and also lling colle students go home. >> we pehey will go home ha visit their parents and go to their own local caucus a bring their parentwith tm. we've geared up and thinour eld opation has been traordinary. >> reporter:or the firstimeresident oba with politico seemed to be tipping the scales f clinton. >> she cantart here day one, more periced than any non-vice president has ev been who aspires
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>> reporter: andn unpredictable ar, nothe threat oa third-party challenge from multi-billionaire mike bloomberg. the former new york mayor mighruif saers ishe democraticominee and if trump or uz gets the republican nomination, a decion bloomberg won't make untirch. lester? thas, andrea. there's breang news from texas. a grand jury vestigating undeover foota of a meetg with the planned parenthood offial has cleared e organization of any wrongdoing while instead choosing to inct the anti-abortion activist involved in making. videos that proked so much controversy. oustice coespondent pe williams is in washington with late details. pe? >> repter: surprising t lest, inn investigion requested byhe governor of texas who wantedonow in plned parehood broke a laws the question are after anti-abortion activists made videos that appeared to sw represtatives of pland parenthood talking about selling tissue from aborted fetuses. those videos quickly became a sensation, but now it' the
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wh haven indicted two face chaf tampering wit gont records. one i aused of violing state law agnsuy organs. that's a miemeanor. e harrisunty, texaistrict atrn ss tonight quote, wt go where the evidee leads us and says the gran jury cleared planrenthood of th gul coast o breangny laws th. brings 1 the nu o s whe stns have lann pahood. no comment tight from the organation at madehose videos. lester >> all right, te. thank you. in california right now had a massive mhunt for three dangeus inmates who pulledff an elaborate daring escaperom a maximum security jail. as nbc's joe fryer rerts ahorities are nowleadingh ubli f help. repter:hree daysfter a bzen escape fm a maximum security jail in original county, investigats a pleading for the public's help. >> these three are extrely dangerous felons and need to be apende and broutack i sty imdiately. reporter: t escapees we house
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holds about 60 inmate photos from iide show t men used tools to cut thrgh a steel screen in their cellnd then entered the ja's plumbing nnels making their wh i to an unsecured part of the . from there that's lied they fashioned ropes out of nenso they cou rappel down the sid of jai five sts in l. iates werast seen fridayorng ring 5:00 a.m. cot. instators belve they escaped shortly after poiin to this grainy surveillance video which shows movement on the roof. the jail did not aly were gone un nex hea count at 8:00 p.m. whicheans the inmates mightave h about a 15-hour hea start. >> it'screepy you don't know if they are still in the area >> reporte all thr suspects are aused vlent cres. hoeinayeri is charged withidnap and rture, pac0 duon with attempt muatn eu wit mu >> i hope sy catc onw have danrous pele >> reporter: at is intnvestitors say there's n
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country. >> we feel that they y bembedde somewher in the communit and that's why we're reachin out to the commity. >> reporter: investigators d't know how the inmat got the too that re used to cut rough af that metal, and it's ear in any accolicee iting her ouide the jaio pickhem up after they escape lester? >>ryer in soutrn california, thank you. still ead, a wake-up callor women about their hearts. a new study o theig gender gap in heart ta trtmt. why wen need tbe on thelookout for different symptoms than m.o yothat the better chce for him ialeve. he's agreed to give it up ok, but i have 30 acres toover by sundown. we'll beith him all day as he bacto kingylenol yeah, i was ok, t afterluncmy kne started hurtin agaiso. more pls. yep... another pill stop. cai get my aleve back yet? for pain... i wanty ev get all day minor arthritis pain relf
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(m) woman: ll never rememr all e prts, presentaons, or meengs i ve up my nights for. (music'drums intensify) but daysike this, i'll never forget. get out ere, in the016 ford escap nspple this my fight song
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we're back now th a new warning about the numb o killer of men, heart disease. a big gend gaphen it comes to having hearatck. the symptoms are very different beeen the sexes leing men ignore the signs their dys llinthem nbc's anne ompson reports, kwinghose sis coulsave you life. >> reporter: when it comes treatment for heardisee, it is still a man's world. in airst of its kind reportn heart tacks inen, today amic het asciatn says he undertat a underdiagnosed in women. srtwith a difference in mptoms. meend to he sere chest pain before a heart attack. won's gns can be more subtle including shortness of breath, naus and j pain. >> did you have a happy day. >> reporter: kathy ldman, an active mother of two with
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just 3wh a heart attack sento thospit. >> i h a challenging me gti even the hosp at the me to accept me because i dn't look like meone who should be suffering from an event. rorter: with this new inrmation, cardiologist dr. jeifer mres hopes eatment of women willrove. >> thistatement gives us a road map as a clinician to look at gender differences with heart disease. >> reporter: take risk fas. researchers say women with high blood essure have a stronger risof a heart attack tn men, and a young wom with abetes, her risk for heart dease four to five times higher compared to yog me the risks are en greater minority women. >> in those communits, african-american a hispanic, high indence of hypertensi, diabetes, obity, intivity and pore to chnic stress. >> reporr: the good news is sime style cnges can make a huge difference, an
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stke a preventabl annempn, nbc news, new hyde park, new yo e back ithe morninwith t cidental half marathoner who had
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the michigan attorneyeneral today nameleaders of an indendt state investatn he xic ter cr in flint, but it cod take months or years to restore safe drinki water for the ci. day outraged residents gatheredn the steps of city hall furious that the still getting bills for lead-contaminated water service. > we love th story from alama. et a 2-yeaold whmu of the countrwas ndleup th weendshwa t runng fr aft escaping from her backrd. she took off and somehow found her way into a half rathon ing run nearby. e ran the entire w and here's the kicker. she finied seventh with timof 1:32, even has a medal to pre it. when we come back, hothe sur bowl showdoween cam
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already a rerd-breaker. it has the biggest age fference between quarterbks. cam newton andeyn manninborn3 year apt. here nbc's janet shamlian. >>t's a touchdown. reporter: super bowl0 will pit the nfs exrienced pa agait its engetic futu. at 39 peyton manning is the league's elder statesman, a five-time mvp. >>ght r th tohdn. reporter: virtual lockor mvp ts season, 26-year-old cam neon. >> i don't know if it the best quarterback mahup we've ever seen in super bowl history, but i do think i one of theost unique. reporter: twitter t up with comparisons from cam and peyton's dance move t their history fferen age gap, 13 years and 48 ds. cam s 9 when peyton started th the colts in8. both the number overall draft pi eir year. >> when you ar lookg at these two guys, old hool
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reporter: >> reporter: the irrestible matchup all the buzz on sports radio. nohis jeeys e ying out of stores. ahead of his frt per bowlnd the chance td a storied career with a cond ring. >> i meaeytos definitely got the experice, one of the good thinggoing for them. reporte just eks ago injed manning nched the oncs and aeport linking m to a ba drug, an allegatie rongly denies. >> in for e touchdown. >> reporter: b the ir apparent is cam newton a linebackerized quarterbk withn m like a rifleho can ve or an defense. old school about rey to g new scoled. reporter: newton has also made a comeback after a seris car accident 13 monthago. today ey sold more ofis jerseyshan during the holiday. a quarterback duelor and of the ages as newton aanng make forsh of the tins. janet amlian, nbc news, houston. >> that ll do it for us on isday night. i'm lester holt. for l ofs at n ne, ank you fo tchingnd good, thank you for
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night. inte!! nats...manning and the bo are headed back to e super bowl! weave yo complete broncos co-and will hear how team is aring fothe ggt game of the year. ad lib weather tease andy stand up hello everyone and thanks for joining us for news 5 at 6. i'm rob quirk. lisa has the day o. firstonight: a wintry art to the week for some. here's a look at thene at fo carson's main gate along highway 115 late this afternoon. the areaot hit by some termittent snowfall this ternoon...heavy at times, but not making too much of an imct
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t's take a le look oisde in colorado s tonit -- the flur haven affecng visibility and slowingrafficacross t aa for the eving dre. meteogist jessica van meter king it all for us. a w snow shors, inlylong we of 25o end a chil da cumulations will generale confed to high elevatis, th 1-3" for most areas that do see cumulation. snow wl be moving t tonight with drykies after midnight. some clouds will linger with
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